The Nervous Fellas Canadian Rockabilly


The Nervous Fellas Canadian Rockabilly Band

I set up this site to share pics, press, video and audio to give a bit of history of The Nervous Fellas as well as other bands through Mark Twang’s (don’t call me Johnson) eyes of years of playing rockabilly, blues and roots music based out of Vancouver, Canada in the early 80’s and onward.

I was lucky to meet and play with and meet some some great players that had the same love of rockabilly, blues and roots music as I did  (Jerry Lee Lewis and his band and Paul Burlison of the Johnny Burnette Trio would stand out).
 And at the time where you could actually make money as lots of places to play gigs not only in Vancouver but across Canada and venture into our Southern neighbour.

Of course not a lot but enough to keep playing and do what we all loved to do, “Play Rockabilly Blues”.

The Nervous Fellas Mark TwangThere is a lot of bull shit  out there so here is ” Just the facts Mam “

Here is an interview courtesy of Famous Last Words FLW

    • Posted on March 16th, 2017
    • by Nathan Olsen-Haines

A Distant Twang

 For some Free Rockabilly Music featuring the first lineup I was in with The Nervous Fellas CLICK HERE~


(Photography courtesy of Mark Twang)

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