Rockabilly band The Nervous Fellas Tribute To Gene Vincent with a cover of Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps song “Baby Blue“.


The Nervous Fellas Tribute To Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps were one of many influences on the band sound through the years.

The Fellas cover of “Baby Blue” the band would play most nights was one of their favorites.

The Blue Caps at this time would have  Johnny Meeks on guitar a more bluesy style player then lead-guitar predecessor, Cliff Gallup.

According to my good friend a former band-mate/author Britt Hagarty’s 
The Day the World Turned Blue: A Biography of Gene Vincent,
when Meeks first joined the Blue Caps, Vincent played his records for the new guitarist.

Meeks said, “I don’t know if I can play that way.” Vincent replied, “I don’t want you to.” Ergo, Meeks was given a free hand to develop his own Blue Caps style.

Meeks’ playing was clean and more “traditional” than Gallup’s; his sound was also more stripped down and devoid of Gallup’s legendary delay.

While Gallup favored a Gretsch Duo Jet, Meeks played a maple-neck Fender Strat during his Blue Caps days. 

In the video above Mark Twang’s picking reflects the six-string work of Johnny Meeks on Gene Vincent recordings.

Gene Vincent Rocks

And even long before The Fellas,  the ever nervous singer Shaun “Butch” Murphy in particular was a huge Gene Vincent fan and had “Gene Vincent Rocks” across the back of his leather jacket (see pic below) since he was a teenager.

Cool! The Nervous Fellas Tribute To Gene Vincent

Also this Vancouver rockabilly band would close their show most nights with “Hold Me Hug Me Rock Me” another Gene Vincent classic. 

The Nervous Fellas Live from the Town Pump, Vancouver Canada 1990 below:       The Nervous Fellas Tribute To Gene Vincent                From The Nervous Fellas “Born To Be Wild” Volume Two Featuring

Mark Twang – Guitar -BG Vocals
Pete Turland – Doghouse Bass -BG Vocals
John Deacon – Drums
Shaun “Butch” Murphy – Vocals -BG Vocals
Recorded in 1990 In Vancouver, Canada