CBC TV Pilot One The Nervous Fellas  Feb 1989


A Canadian original Rockabilly tune “She’s Got Me Down”

By The Nervous Fellas

Mark Twang  – Geetar

 Ronnie Hayward – Doghouse Bass

 John Decan -Drums

 Shaun Butch Murphy -Vocals

For some reason the manager (Gangland) of the other band, Bolera Lava, who were also on the show wanted his singer, Vanessa Williams, to sit in with us?

Why we don’t know but I guess he had more pull at the time than our manager Laurie Mercer (S.L. Feldman).

She did a great job for not knowing the song or rockabilly music.

We did another song as well called “Look Out” with just The Nervous Fellas