Muddy Water By Trouble Bound with Mark Twang Ronnie Hayward Britt Hagarty

This was Mark Twang’s last gig with and Ronnie Hayward until Ronnie gave him a call to fill in with his band The Nervous Fellas a year later at the end of 1987 when their guitar player quit.  As well as  Trouble Bound, Mark Twang and Ronnie Hayward played in many bands from 1984 up to this point with bands the Elmar Flames with Lyle Duncan, Bopsters with Rich Hagensen (The Surfdusters) and then great rockabilly singer Howard Rix both with Britt Hagarty as well as playing gigs with Ray Condo and others around Vancouver, Canada. Britt Hagarty as well as a drummer and songwriter was a well known writer for the Vancouver Sun as well as a published author of such books as

The Day the World Turned Blue: A Biography of Gene Vincent

The Day The World Turned Blue

The Day The World Turned Blue

  Muddy Water an Original Rockabilly tune By the band Trouble Bound With Mark Twang – Geetar, Vocals, Ronnie Hayward – Doghouse Bass, Britt Hagarty (RIP) Drums

. Live from the fall of 1986 at a benefit for the Firehall Theater Vancouver BC Canada. The song was released on Moon Records out of Cleveland, Ohio in 1987 as well in 1988 on the vinyl album American Rockabilly on Nervous Records U.K. now available from them or  for download on iTunes and Amazon as an mp3. You can hear the song on http://www.reverbnation.com/marktwang More info at https://thenervousfellas.com  on Trouble Bound and other Vancouver Rockabilly