The Nervous Fellas Canadian Rockabilly Band

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic rockabilly from the 1980s

October 20, 2011

Patrick Selby (Vancouver, BC Canada) –
The Nervous Fellas Canadian Rockabilly Band from Vancouver, Canada, were one of, if not THE best, trad/neo-rockabilly bands of the 80s roots/rockabilly revival. I put them right up there with the Blasters and LeRoi Bros. Yes, they were (are) that good, and this collection of tracks sounds as killer now as it did then.
Check out the rockabilly guitar of Mark Twang playing available for Free Below with the Nervous Fellas first release.
The Nervous Fellas Canadian Rockabilly Band
Mark Twang Presents The Nervous Fellas
Featuring the Great Doghouse Bass playing of Rockabilly Hall of Fame – Ronnie Hayward and then later  Pete Turland  from South Hampton, England took over On Lead Vocals of  the one of one the best West Coast rockabilly singers Shaun Butch Murphy, with drummers through the years – the Fabulous Al Black – John Decan and the “One & Only” Billy “rockabilly” Rogers

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The Nervous Fellas Canadian Rockabilly Band

From FLW Famous Last Words- From the Tapes

There are enough anecdotes in The Nervous Fellas’ locker to last a lifetime. Former guitarist, Mark Twang remembers one in particular from his time with the band. “There’s a few,” considers Mark momentarily before settling on one particular memory. “I would say the best memory is when Ronnie was still in the band.” Those guys would be drinking more than a few beers as they were at that time in their lives. Ronnie would be doing his thing with the bass where he would kick it and smash it and it would drop off the stage and then smash to pieces. This would often leave us hanging because he’d have no bass and then with us needing to play the following night. So we’re in Winnipeg next, and he did the same thing! I had to drive him the following day and go to a church place that had a stand-up bass, or somewhere to try and find a stand-up bass. It was like that in Winnipeg for the following six nights where we had gigs, and he’s kicking the s*** out of the bass and everybody there is seeing him do that. Afterwards, he’s trying to borrow a bass and nobody would lend him one as they know he’s going to ruin it [laughs]! We eventually find a guy who could just get it together [repair the bass] enough to play it, but that was a never-ending thing in the beginning where Ronnie would smash his bass.”