The Nervous Fellas Rockabilly Band

This is the first of a few videos (comeback for more) of
a Nervous Fellas gig with an electric bass.
We normally played with Upright Bass players 
such as Ronnie Hayward and Pete Turland.

So it was cool to change it up for a few gigs and hear an electric bass on the songs we played that night.

The above video in which the audio sucks, is the best footage I have of Billy Rogers R.I.P..

It’s a Live Version of A Nervous Fellas Original Rockabilly Song “Evil Ways” from their Vinyl Album
“Born To Be Wild”

This video of “Evil Ways” was Recorded Live in Vancouver, Canada on May 24th, 1991. 
The gig was for an A.I.D.S. benefit.

Evil Ways Live – Punk-A-Billy Version

To the Memory of the Late, Great “Billy Rogers”

Billy was from Queens, New York and grew up playing drums
with punk and rockabilly bands in the 1970’s and 80’s.

In 1990 Billy moved out West to Vancouver and joined the Nervous Fellas.

Billy Rogers was a great drummer and a pleasure to know and work with.

I have some great audio recordings from the Town Pump in Vancouver recorded and broadcast live on C.B.C. radio with Billy.

Check out Rockin’ On Creek Road” Here  From that night.

Ronnie Hayward was the stand-up Bass player at the time
and played on the above song however he was away on personal business for a few months in 1991.

So we were fortunate enough to get Vancouver Punk Bass legend, Ron Allen on electric bass to temporally
join the Fellas and cover the gigs we had at the time.

Nothing but fun and a pleasure.

The Fellas that night were:

Very Special Guest – Ron Allen -Bass
(Some Previous  Bands- Corsage, Shanghai Dog, The Subhumans,The Scramblers)

Billy Rogers – Drums
(Some Previous Bands- Ramones, Handsome Ned, Johnny Thunders)

Shawn Butch Murphy – Vocals
(Some Previous Bands- Last Wild Sons, Bug House, The Rockin’ Edsels)

Mark Twang – Guitar
(Some Previous Bands- Lowriders, Bopsters, Trouble Bound, Rockin Daddys)

More Info:

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The Nervous Fellas Rockabilly Band | Evil Ways Live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzFFQfqOLLo